What a year 2016 has been so far. Between the celebrity deaths, cold conditions, political shenanigans… it’s hard to say this year is off to a good start.

Things are certainly challenging, at the very least.

Personally, I was saddened to see the loss of so many amazing stars who were so influential not just in the artistic world, but also in their more private interactions. I’m not going to go on some long-winded exploration of how each one personally touched my lives with their work. All I’m going to say is this: the artistic community is dimmer for the loss of their shine.

Oh, yeah. And #FuckCancer.

That said…

In The Studio

I’ve been working my way through a ton of projects this month already!

Illness and family emergencies toward the end of the year put a damper on my progress, but I’m slowly starting to work my way back to where I need to be. Let me tell you, as a bit of a workaholic, I hate having lingering projects, but as most of us can attest, life likes to throw curveballs from time to time, just to keep us on our toes.

So far this month:

  • I’ve wrapped up one series (Ties That Bind, Book 5 of  The Veil Series by the amazing Pippa DaCosta)
  • I finished up Book 3 of the Reapers Inc. series (For the Birds by Angela Roquet)
  • I’ve finished up Book 3 of the hilarious Paris, Texas series (Witch Is The New Black by Dakota Cassidy)
  • I’ve finished up Book 2 of another series (Tension by R.L. Griffin)
  • I’ve put the finishing touches on Book 4 of a series (Dying Light: A Jesse Sullivan Novel by Kory M. Shrum)
  • I’ve finalized the first three (!) of a brand spankin’ new series project that I am insanely excited to be doing (Unlovable, Unlucky, and Unhoppy from The Case Files of Dr. Matilda Schmidt, Paranormal Psychologist by my own personal unicorn wrangler, Cynthia St. Aubin)
  • I’ve gotten started on the newest book in the HYSTERICAL new Literal Leigh series (Disastrous Leigh by Melanie James)
  • I’ve also gotten a few more projects inked into my schedule that I’m insanely excited to get started on.

And that’s not even touching on all the projects I’ve got on current rotation in my studio right now (SIX of them, at the moment) and more when I can them fit in.


The Nemesis Chronicles

Clashing Muses (Book 3 of TNC) is still in my editing booth. I’m about 3/4 of the way through edits. From here, we send to beta readers, and right now, we firmly plan to have this out by the end of February. Considering Minutes to Midnight came out last leap year, it was only fitting, we thought, to work on getting this one out by then at least. It’s been a struggle, but after a ton of writing and rewriting, working through what wasn’t working, restructuring plot and shaping characters, we *finally* found something we’re both happy with and I fit in editing between all of the stuff you see me working on up above. *laughs* It’s… interesting, to say the least.

Book Four is also up for editing after I get CM up, AND Dragon is now collaborating with me on another super seekrit project that leaves the world of The Nemesis Chronicles behind and instead focuses on something a bit more contemporary urban fantasy. Can’t reveal any details yet, but let’s just say… I haven’t seen him have this much fun writing a project in a really long time. So that bodes really, REALLY well.


Whew. That went on for longer than intended!

I’ve still got a lot of work left to get this site in order, but as you can see, I’ve been a bit distracted. In any event, thanks for sticking with me, and I’ll update again soon!



HRJ Siggie


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