Taking her own love of storytelling, not just for her own work, but that of others, Hollie (aka Narratrix) found her true calling in the vocal booth. With over 500 titles under her belt, and a vocal range that spans from the innocent to the risque, across all genres, Hollie’s voice brings characters of all types to vibrant, compelling life, letting you sit back and allow the words to wrap around you.

“We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories.”  ~Jonathan Gottschall

She grew up getting lost in the world of poetry and prose, and truly enjoys sharing that with others through spoken word. Stories are, after all, meant to be spread by any means necessary, right?

A voracious reader, she enjoys an eclectic range of genre and carries that over into the studio: from contemporary romance to paranormal thrillers, historical fiction to epic fantasy, from steamy erotica to YA titles.

Everyone has a story to tell…and Hollie loves to bring those stories to life, one word at a time.

Where to find her work:

This month, we’re celebrating some of my favorite stories to make you feel like your brain is on a delightful trip. In no particular order, we’ve got everything from witches (and former witches!) and familiars riding high on zany capers, to roguish mythical creatures of dubious intent infiltrating familiar landscapes. We travel through landscapes in other dimensions parallel to our own, some with a more sinister breed of denizen, all the way to the stars, cavorting with sassy AI and seductive aliens. We end our trip by crashing through the barrier between this world and the afterlife, ushered through unlife with the snark-filled commentary of a not-so-grim Reaper and the brazen crass humor of a not-so-deceased fashionista with a taste for fresh flesh and good times.

There’s a little something for everyone, ratings from a solid PG to an NC-17. Your mileage may vary, but either one you choose: You’re guaranteed a giggle or two, a shocked gasp, or an uneasy chuckle.