Minutes to Midnight Excerpt


It’s the holiday season, and as such, sharing is caring. Dragon and I decided, why not share some of our writing with you? Below you’ll find an excerpt from our first book Minutes to Midnight available at Amazon. (<–Clicky the link below to grab your copy!) In this installment, you get to meet most of the main cast of characters and get a little taste of the sort of shenanigans contained within the pages of the book.




“Ladies and gentleman,” the announcer’s voice was hesitant this time, “Victor Kruger.”

At his name, Kruger’s body began to convulse and he dropped to one knee, head lowered. His skin rippled and warped as his body mass quickly expanded. The hair on his body grew until it completely covered him in a thick chestnut pelt.

“Shit,” Tequila drew out the curse like she was expecting to say something else, “this could be bad.”

“You mean this isn’t supposed to happen?” I whispered, hoping this was just another of Primo’s magic acts. Of course, we all saw how the last magical transformation turned out, now didn’t we?

“No, Dirk. It’s not,” she hissed back.