The Nemesis Chronicles

Enter into the world of The Nemesis Chronicles, an epic fantasy set in an alternate universe where Mythics mingle with humanity, fighting to exist against the threat of The Society who wish nothing more than to see them eradicated.

Minutes to Midnight (The Nemesis Chronicles, Book 1)

Mythics… Creatures and beings of legend, possessing extraordinary abilities. Once thought of as merely stories, they’ve learned to blend into society to survive. Until someone decides to tip that balance.

Amazons… Morgan, an outcast searching for answers that will unravel the mystery that led to her exile from the only family she’s ever known.

Vikings… Dirk, a renowned courtesan in the city of sin, forced to choose between the life he has and what could be.

Nemesis… A group of powerful Mythics determined to find out who is behind the rash of random transformations, before chaos grips the city.

Together, they must stop what’s coming, before what happens in Vegas…changes everything.

Hand of Time (The Nemesis Chronicles, Book 2)

Morgan…Three months after the events of Vegas turned her life upside down, she’s finding that getting back to normal is anything but easy.

Dirk… Trapped between juggling his new responsibilities and making Morgan understand his feelings, the former courtesan is discovering that letting go of the past is much harder when the past refuses to let go of him.

Nemesis… Still reeling from the Society’s attack, they find themselves facing a familiar foe and a new menace hellbent on testing their fortitude.

Midsummer madness heats up Nemesis Island. It’s a time of celebration and renewal, but the Society has other plans…with Dirk, Morgan, and the rest of Nemesis at the top of their list.

Clashing Muses (The Nemesis Chronicles, Book 3)

Morgan…An Amazon never gives up, never surrenders. Faced with her biggest challenge, she must find the strength to claw her way out of the depths of the underworld to reunite with her Viking.

Dirk…Determined to find his feisty Amazon, he will move the very heavens themselves to bring her home. Even if the denizens of those realms do everything in their power to stop him.

Temporal Insanity…The members of Nemesis, scattered, broken, traversing timelines gone awry, how can they make sense of anything when nothing is as it appears?